We understand your interest in doing things yourself. After all, there are many advantages to DIY in some circumstances, like making your own furniture or figuring out how to set up your own modem. You might be able to save money, and learning a new skill can be fun and rewarding.

But there are particular circumstances in which a do-it-yourselfer should reconsider, those times when the complexities at hand are beyond most people’s abilities. Anything having to do with the legal system is one such situation, and that’s why you should call a Los Angeles lemon law lawyer as soon as you realize that something is desperately wrong with your vehicle. Here’s why.


For better or worse, the legal system has gotten more and more complex over the years. It can be difficult for the average person to understand the basis of the law, let alone the wording that goes into taking advantage of it. When it comes to hiring a California lemon law attorney, you should find someone who is very familiar with the law at hand.

It’s important to remember that lawyers have their Juris Doctor, literally “doctor of law.” That amount of schooling doesn’t come easily, and it’s necessary in order to help people get the best outcome from their case. It’s much easier to contact a Los Angeles lemon law lawyer than to try to go it alone. You’ll be saving dozens of hours, and you’re more likely to get the results you want.

While the California lemon law was made to help consumers, that doesn’t mean that filing the paperwork is necessarily easy. Many people who try to be DIYers end up getting frustrated and giving up. (At the very least, many people get so frustrated that they put it off until the window of filing a claim expires.) Don’t give up! Just contact a lemon law attorney in Los Angeles in order to get the process started.


When many California citizens file a lemon law claim without the help of an attorney, they send it off and expect the best. They have dreams that the dealership or manufacturer will come groveling, asking their forgiveness and offering them a new car.

You won’t be surprised to know that the opposite often occurs. Manufacturers will often try to deny claims or offer a nominal cash amount, because that saves them money. They know that many people simply won’t follow through. Too many consumers think, “well, the legalese that the manufacturer responded with made it seem like my claim was invalid or weak. I guess I should give up now.”

The fact is, if you choose to go it alone, it’s you up against their lawyers; your chances aren’t good! And, as we discussed above, it can be easy for someone to give up due to the extensive legal-speak of the correspondence. One of the primary reasons to go with a lemon law lawyer in Los Angeles is to know what the next steps are if your initial claim has been rejected or only a small amount of hush money has been offered. What’s the next step? Your attorney knows!


Many people try to file their own California lemon law claims and are happy to receive any response. They might have paid $18,000 for the vehicle and spent thousands more on towing and rentals, then be happy when they get any offer at all. In fact, manufacturers might drag out the process so that a person might become nervous about getting any sort of refund, luring the person into jumping at the first offer. Many customers will happily take the first offer just to get the whole thing over with.

You won’t be surprised to learn that many of these offers simply aren’t good enough. Manufacturers will often low-ball their customers, and we’re not okay with that. Lemon law attorneys in Los Angeles will know how much most people are getting for each particular lemon vehicle. Are owners more likely to get a refund? Maybe they’re being offered new vehicles in exchange for the lemon ones? These are things you simply won’t know unless you work with an attorney.

BONUS! If you get an offer for a class action lawsuit regarding your vehicle, you should definitely contact a California lemon law attorney. Class action lawsuits will seldom include a good offer, and if you don’t opt out of them by the deadline then you may be barred from making future claims. Instead of taking a pittance, you should take full advantage of working with an attorney. To read a blog about how class action lawsuits can hurt you, click here.


Many people who try to file claims on their own don’t know the extent of the compensation they can request. They might be happy to get an offer for some compensation, but don’t realize that they forgot to claim for other things they are allowed to under the California lemon law.

Besides the vehicle itself, what can you request reimbursement for?

  • Towing – If your lemon vehicle breaks down on the side of the road, you still have to get it to the shop. If you’ve paid to have it towed, the manufacturer might owe you money.
  • Repair Costs – If you find yourself in the middle of nowhere and there is no authorized dealer around, you might have to pay out-of-pocket. But if the breakdown is because your car is a lemon, you can request reimbursement.
  • Rental Costs – If your lemon car is in the shop, there’s a good chance you’ll have rental costs to deal with in order to get you to and from your job. You might be eligible for reimbursement.
  • Sales Tax – You paid sales tax on the vehicle, but you wouldn’t have purchased it in the first place if you knew it was going to be a lemon. A Los Angeles lemon law lawyer will let you know if you should ask for the return of sales tax.
  • Lemon Law Attorney Fees – The law allows a lemon law attorney in Los Angeles (and throughout California) to be compensated above and beyond any other claims you might make. The law says that the manufacturer pays your lawyer’s fees and costs, not you.

It’s this last point we’d like to focus on next. Can working with a lemon law lawyer essentially be free to you? Yes, so keep reading.


Here’s one of the primary reasons that people avoid utilizing a Los Angeles lemon law lawyer: they think their lawyer will take some of the money that comes from the claim. We understand where this idea comes from. Many of the late-night-TV lawyers who are offering to represent car accident victims or people who have been harmed by medications will usually take a full ⅓ of the final amount realized in civil suits.

It’s different when it comes to the California lemon law. If you receive a refund, that money is entirely yours. It’s the manufacturer of the lemon who is responsible for paying attorney fees and costs, so you really have nothing to lose by contacting a Los Angeles lemon law lawyer.


If you believe you have a lemon vehicle, it’s important that you act quickly before the opportunity to file a claim expires. At the Law Offices of Sotera L. Anderson, we’re ready to help. We repeat: you have everything to gain and nothing to lose, so give us a call today for a free case evaluation!