Automobiles have symbolized personal freedom and independence in America over the last century. But they have also become an integral part of Americans’ work life. A reliable car isn’t a luxury anymore, it’s a necessity, even as a business vehicle. So, if your vehicle continually lets you down on the job, it could be a lemon—and it’s time to take action.

Cargo van can’t go

Take for instance, the story of a local woman who helped her brother purchase a cargo van to use for his mortuary services business. Unfortunately, the van presented a troubling and persistent transmission problem. It would not shift into reverse. Even with several visits to the dealer to fix it, the issue persisted, and the business owner was unable to provide the proper service for families mourning the loss of their loved ones. Frustrated, she turned to us for assistance to file a California Lemon Law claim.

Securing a fair settlement

Under the California Lemon Law, there are a number of possible outcomes from filing a claim:

  • Refund of the purchase price. For many consumers, this is a very desirable outcome. The refund money can be used to purchase any make or model of car they want. In turn, the manufacturer takes possession of the lemon vehicle and can do what they want with it, including branding the title of the vehicle as a lemon, in accordance with the law, and reselling it.
  • A replacement vehicle. In this rare outcome, the manufacturer will agree to replace the lemon with a comparable vehicle.
  • Extended service contract. In some instances, the manufacturer will offer an extended service contract on the defective vehicle and agree to provide service and repair for longer than the typical warranty period.
  • Cash and keep. With this settlement option, the consumer receives cash for their troubles but keeps the vehicle.
  • There’s always the chance that the law (or a jury) won’t rule in favor of the consumer who has filed a California Lemon Law claim.

Fortunately for the mortuary business/cargo van owner, we were able to secure a financial settlement that allowed her to get a fair refund so that her brother could purchase a vehicle that enabled him to provide professional, reliable service for grieving families.

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