Many people who were already living on a tight budget, experienced unprecedented and unpredicted financial woes during the pandemic of 2020-21. When times are tight and reliable transportation is a must, it is difficult for car owners with recurring mechanical issues to cover the cost for those repairs, let alone attorney fees. But there is good news on that front.

A story of motorcycle madness

Not long ago, a college student who was trying to put himself through college came to me with a defective motorcycle and a very distressing situation. He recounted how the motorcycle would repeatedly stall leaving him late for class, work and other appointments. Once, he was left stranded on a busy freeway during rush hour. Another time, he was stuck at school at one o’clock in the morning when the motorcycle wouldn’t start. On another occasion, the vehicle failed on a dark hill with a curved blind spot in the middle of the night. The stories went on and on. Clearly, this motorcycle was a lemon.

Before contacting me, a California Lemon Law Attorney, this young man repeatedly tried to work with the manufacturer to resolve the issue with no success. I was alarmed to learn that the manufacturer wanted to place conditions on the settlement that actually violated the law!

Once I gathered all of the documentation and filed the lemon law claim, I was able to negotiate a highly favorable settlement on this student’s behalf. He was refunded the money that he paid for the defective motorcycle and was in a better financial position to find alternative, reliable transportation to and from school and work.

And what did it cost him for my services? Nothing!

No fee services

It often comes as a surprise to vehicle owners that there is no cost to the consumer to retain the services of a California Lemon Law attorney. And the lawyer does not receive a percentage of the compensation the way personal injury attorneys are compensated in civil suits.

Rather, according to the California Lemon Law, the consumers receive 100% of the claim settlement. It is the manufacturer of the lemon automobile that is the one responsible for paying the consumer’s attorney fees and costs if the consumer prevails on their lemon law claim.

My experience pays

Before I started representing consumers stuck with lemons, I worked for those auto manufacturers to negotiate settlements on their behalf. I know how to hold the manufacturer accountable, what they are willing to do and how much they are willing to compensate the vehicle owner within the lemon law and I use that to your advantage. That’s why I have been able to help so many car owners like this young college student get what they are entitled to under the protection of the California Lemon Law.

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