Some people will read the California lemon law and decide that they don’t have a case. They’ll take a look at the list of criteria that make up a lemon and decide that they don’t need the help of a Los Angeles lemon lawyer.

The fact is, many people give up too early and too easily. Perhaps it’s because they’re misreading or misunderstanding the requirements. Or they might think that just because their car doesn’t meet every requirement, they shouldn’t even try contacting a lemon law attorney. Unfortunately, many of these consumers are out of luck when their warranty expires and find themselves finally contacting a lemon law attorney. In fact, even if the warranty has expired, you should still consider contacting a lemon law attorney.


While the actual law has considerably more text than what you’ll find below, here are the basic requirements for a vehicle to be considered a lemon in California.

  • The vehicle was purchased or leased in California. Members of the military who are serving in California or residents of California can file no matter where they purchased or leased the vehicle.
  • The vehicle is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty or is within six months past expiration.
  • The vehicle was purchased for personal use, or business use if it’s under 10,000 pounds and the business owner has five or fewer vehicles registered in his or her name.
  • The vehicle is a car, truck, motorcycle, SUV, or similar vehicle. The non-living-spaces of motor homes are covered, including the chassis, cab, and propulsion systems.
  • The manufacturer/dealer has made two or more attempts to remedy a serious problem that could cause serious injury or death OR the manufacturer/dealer has made four or more attempts to repair the same non-life-threatening problem that is covered under the warranty.
  • The vehicle has been in the shop for a total of 30 days.
  • The problems substantially reduce the vehicles value, use, or safety.
  • The problems are not caused by abuse by the owner or lessee.


…and decided that your vehicle doesn’t qualify. Should you just give up? Certainly not! Let someone who is experienced with the law, such as a Los Angeles lemon law attorney, help you make the decision as to whether or not you have a valid case. Even if you want to throw in the towel, it can’t hurt to give us a call. Here’s why:


Unless you have a legal background, it can be very easy to misinterpret even the simplest of statements in legal-speak. The idea of presumption in regards to the lemon law is one of the most commonly misunderstood aspects, and getting the help of an attorney ensures you’ll have the right information. Remember, the requirements we detailed above are simply a paraphrasing of the actual law.


The Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act (the lemon law) has been around since 1970, and you won’t be surprised to know that aspects of it have been challenged in court over the years. California lemon law attorneys are up-to-date on the latest court cases and laws and how they affect your chances of getting awarded by vehicle manufacturers.


When job searching, too many people won’t apply to a job listing because they don’t have absolutely every qualification that a job posting requires. In most cases, the business is asking for qualifications that no one person could possibly satisfy, and will have to compromise because no candidate is perfect. Similarly, you shouldn’t give up on seeking help with the lemon law because your vehicle doesn’t match absolutely every criterion. Sometimes you simply have to satisfy some of the requirements.


Just because you don’t have a case now doesn’t mean that you won’t have one later. If your vehicle has been repaired twice and you think it’s taken care of, don’t assume you’ll never have problems with it again. Contact a Los Angeles lemon law lawyer to find out if and when you should take action in the future.


Contact a Los Angeles lemon law attorney such as The Law Offices of Sotera L. Anderson. Ms. Anderson can help you make the decision regarding if you have a case or not. If she says your vehicle doesn’t meet the criteria, you might have to wait until your vehicle does meet requirements to open a request for recompense. There are also times when she might tell you that too much time has lapsed and the chances of you getting anything from the manufacturers will be next to impossible.

But if she says your vehicle does meet the criteria — even if your vehicle doesn’t match absolutely every condition for being a lemon — she’ll become your lawyer and file the necessary paperwork on your behalf in order to seek an award from the manufacturer. Ms. Anderson has worked for the car companies for many years (she used to represent them) so she’s very familiar with what you are entitled to under the California lemon law.

There’s no cost to you for a consultation. In fact, there’s no cost to you ever, because the California lemon law allows attorney fees to be collected from the manufacturers, not from the consumer. In other words, there’s nothing to lose so contact a Los Angeles lemon law attorney today.

Lemon law attorney Sotera Anderson is happy to help consumers throughout the entire State of California.