One of the first things people say to me when they find out that I am a lemon law attorney is that they did not even know there was a real lemon law.  Sure, they heard of people refer to defective cars as lemons, but they did not know that people had rights under the lemon law.  Well, they do.


The next thing that happens is that they start telling me about a car they had with a lot of problems.  But, by now, the deadline to help them with their lemon more often than not has passed.  So, I tell everyone that they should not delay if they think they have a lemon. Don’t let the deadline on your claim expire.


There are deadlines to file lemon law claims in California.  The deadlines, known as the Statute of Limitations, gives consumers a window of time in which they can file a lemon law lawsuit. That window of time is four years, but when the four years starts running depends on the type of lemon law claim you are bringing. Under some claims, the clock starts when you buy the vehicle.  Under other claims, the time starts running when the warranty expires.  If you miss the deadline, you have missed your opportunity to seek a refund or cash.


Trying to calculate the deadlines can get complicated so I recommend contacting our office as soon as possible so we can calculate the timelines for you and ensure you meet the deadline.


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