Although sales of various Jeep models have experienced peaks and valleys over the years, the American-made auto manufacturer has built a cult-like following among consumers looking for sport utility vehicles, crossovers, pickup trucks, and off-road models.

As a Jeep owner, whether you’re driving it for daily transportation or off-road recreation, you expect the vehicle to be reliable no matter where you go. Unfortunately, Jeeps have developed a reputation for recurring issues that repair shops are unable to fix, even after multiple attempts. If you own a Jeep that is constantly in the repair shop, it could very well be a lemon.

My Jeep lemon watch list

As a California Lemon Law attorney, I follow the data on which makes and models of automobiles are chronic lemons. Below are the Jeep models (2015-2021) currently on my watch list and why:

  • Grand Cherokee: issues include transmission, engine, leak and dashboard problems
  • Compass: issues include vibration, engine, leak and dashboard problems
  • Gladiator: issues include steering, engine and transmission problems
  • Patriot: issues include vibration, engine, leak and dashboard problems
  • Wrangler: issues include vibration, engine, leak and dashboard problems

Can the California Lemon Law help?

If you own one of the Jeep models listed above and think you have a potential lemon on your hands, you should know your rights as a consumer. New and used Jeep vehicles are covered by the California Lemon Law if they meet the following conditions:

  1. The Jeep vehicle was purchased or leased from a dealership here in California.
  2. You have repeatedly brought the vehicle to the dealer for repairs and they can’t seem to fully fix it.
  3. The problems are not minor, meaning they are serious enough to negatively affect the vehicle’s use, safety, or value.

 What to do if yours is a lemon

If your new or used Jeep is deemed a lemon, Jeep could be required to provide you with a refund or replacement vehicle for your automobile under the California Lemon Law. The process, however, can be complex and daunting. There are deadlines to be aware of and auto manufacturers do not make it easy for consumers to obtain the refund or replacement that they deserve. Many vehicle owners turn to the expertise of a lemon law attorney to understand their legal options and obtain representation for the best settlement. But taking that next step should be done in a timely to avoid missing the statute of limitations.

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