Do you have a lemon car ?

Nobody likes to receive a recall notice on their vehicle. It can mean inconvenience, downtime, and flashes of buyer’s remorse. Unfortunately, automotive recalls are reaching record levels. In 2020, approximately 31 million cars were recalled for safety-related problems in this country. That’s twice as many as a decade ago. Even worse, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that about one-third of car owners with a recall never get the repairs to fix the issue.

Technology to the rescue to prevent a lemon car?

If you’ve ever owned a vehicle with recall issues, you might welcome the advances in automotive technology that are helping fix recall issues, remotely and automatically. Automobiles, such as Tesla and other EVs, Ford, GM, Buick, and Cadillac are being designed with digital control systems and computer-based components. These high-tech vehicles feature over-the-air (OTA) capabilities which allow the manufacturer to download software updates and fixes remotely. No need for the car owner to take the vehicle in for recall repair related to software issues, increasing the likelihood that such recall fixes get made.

Not so fast

While this emerging technology will help nip some defects in the bud. Automobiles are still susceptible to typical mechanical issues. If you are experiencing faulty brakes, transmission, air bags or other mechanical trouble, you will still have to bring your vehicle to the dealer or mechanic to get it fixed. If the problem persists, you could very well have a lemon on your hands — and no amount of OTA technology can fix that.

Luckily, the California Lemon Law protects your rights as a consumer from defective products, such as a new or used automobile under original warranty. Filing a lemon law claim and seeking a fair settlement is your lawful right, regardless of any high-tech computer system your vehicle may have.

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