We’re living in an era where information is just the click of a YouTube video or Wikipedia link away. Who needs experts these days, right?  Wrong! Especially if you were sold a lemon car and want to file a lemon car law claim in California.

Lately, we have been hearing from a lot of consumers who say they contacted the manufacturer directly to ask for a buyback of their lemon car but didn’t know how to negotiate the best settlement and were unhappy with the buyback offer from the manufacturer. So, they turn to us for help. But often it’s too late.

A cautionary tale of someone who thought they knew the lemon car law and could do it on their own

A woman contacted us the other day who is in the middle of filing a lemon law claim on her own. The manufacturer offered a buyback but is forcing her to turn in the vehicle at a location that is far away from her local area. Clearly, the manufacturer is trying to take advantage of her and making the process difficult in hopes that she might drop the claim.

Unfortunately, we were unable to get involved in her claim at this point in the process because the manufacturer has already offered her a buyback at a reasonable price. Had she worked with us initially, we would have stipulated that the manufacturer accept surrender of the vehicle at a convenient and mutually agreeable location. She now must wait at least 30 days, then we might be able to assist in negotiating acceptable settlement terms. But maybe not.

If you are considering filing a lemon law claim in California, you’re better off working with a lemon law lawyer from the start rather than trying to handle it on your own. Here’s why:

Lemon car law lawyers are free to the consumer

The fact that you don’t have to pay attorney’s fees makes it a no-brainer decision to work with a lemon law attorney. If you qualify for a settlement, California Lemon Laws stipulate that consumers receive 100% of the claim settlement and the auto manufacturer pays all attorneys’ fees and costs, not you.

But…if we get involved with your claim after the manufacturer has offered you a buyback, the manufacturer might not pay our legal fees, which means you would have to. So, best to contact us before you do anything.

We know the lemon car law

Even though the California Lemon Laws are consumer-friendly, the process can be time-consuming and confusing for the do-it-yourselfer. As lemon law experts, we are experienced at negotiating a better deal for the consumer than they can get on their own. We can also make sure lemon car owners are not signing away their rights or being taken advantage of by the manufacturer.

We know the players and how to play the game

Before representing consumers and their rights, lemon law attorney Sotera Anderson used to represent the auto manufacturers. She still maintains good relationships with them and can negotiate a better settlement for consumers. We know how the law applies in each specific case, how to hold the manufacturer accountable, what they are willing to do, and how much they are willing to compensate the vehicle owner within the law.

Stress-free settlement

Like many DIY projects, the lemon law claim process can be extremely stressful if you are inexperienced. With a seasoned lemon law lawyer in your corner, they can take on the stress of dealing with the manufacturer, so you don’t have to.

Think you have a claim? Get a free, no-obligation case evaluation from Sotera L. Anderson, California Lemon Law Attorney, here or call  1-855-96-LEMON, or (858) 247-0050.