Mid-size pickup trucks are wildly popular with consumers who live an active and adventurous lifestyle. Unfortunately, one of the most common—the Chevy Colorado—has been plagued with transmission, engine, and other problems over the last several years turning these trucks into potential lemon cars.

  • Transmission does not engage. When pressing on the gas pedal, the truck revs, but doesn’t go into gear right away. The problem could be a defective torque converter, low transmission fluid, contaminated transmission fluid from internal wear, or internal transmission system failure.
  • Problems selecting a gear or staying in gear. This could be due to a transmission fluid leak, loss of communications to the transmission control module or computer.
  • Intense shudder. Chevy Colorado owners often experience an intense shudder and vibration under light to moderate speeds. While a simple transmission fluid flush or fill might fix the issue, the damage may already be done leading to expensive transmission repair or replacement.
  • Fuel pump failure. In 2018, the Chevy Colorado was recalled due to fuel pump failure which could leak and increase the risk of fire. Scary!
  • Check Engine light. In some Chevy Colorado models, the Check Engine light comes on with or without an accompanying “reduced power warning,” often occurring while pulling a trailer or other heavy load up a hill.

If you are experiencing these or other recurring issues with your warrantied Chevy Colorado pickup and have been unable to get them resolved by your car dealership, your truck may be a lemon. The good news is you have recourse through consumer protection laws known as the California Lemon Laws.

These laws allow you to reach a settlement with the manufacturer with one of several possible outcomes:

  • Buyback—The manufacturer refunds you for the purchase of your car and takes possession of the vehicle. You can then use the money to purchase any make or model of car you want
  • Cash and keep—You receive cash for your troubles (less than the original purchase price) but keep the vehicle.
  • Extended service contract—With this outcome, you keep the car, and the manufacturer agrees to provide service and repair for longer than the typical warranty period.
  • A replacement vehicle—Sometimes a manufacturer will agree to replace your lemon with a comparable vehicle, but this outcome is rare.

Having a California Lemon Law attorney in your corner (at no cost to you, by the way) can help you navigate the legal process, handle the paperwork, and negotiate the absolute best offer for your Chevy Colorado lemon that’s right for you.

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