Those who serve in the US military make many sacrifices—personal, financial, and physical—for our country. They deserve our honor and respect. When a young serviceman came to us with an automobile that was undoubtedly a lemon, we didn’t hesitate to provide our legal services. His lemon is now a settlement success story.

In this case, the dealer sold this Marine a new truck with an open safety recall. Despite just purchasing the truck, the dealer kept the truck to make the recall repair….the dealer kept his vehicle for almost three months attempting to repair the defect, all the while the young man was paying on the loan without being able to use the vehicle. This serviceman loved his new truck, he simply wanted compensation for loss of use and other expenses incurred while the vehicle was in for repair.

We were able to work with the manufacturer so that he retained ownership of the vehicle and obtained a cash settlement for his expenses and inconveniences.

“Cash and keep” a viable solution

The outcome we negotiated for our military client is what’s called a “cash and keep” settlement. This means that you receive cash for your troubles (less than the original purchase price) but still keep the vehicle. This option is worth considering if you can live with the problem associated with your vehicle or believe that the issue has been resolved once and for all. As with our client, a cash and keep settlement can also include reimbursement of certain expenses incurred while dealing with lemon issues, such as towing expenses and rental car fees.

Settlement success stories can have different outcomes

Because every case is different, California Lemon Law settlements can vary, from “cash and keep” to vehicle replacement to a buyback to nothing. Having a California Lemon Law attorney represent your claim (and at no cost to you) can help you navigate the legal process, handle the paperwork, and negotiate an offer that will turn unfortunate tales into success stories.

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