If you’re like most people, you take a look at online reviews before you decide what product or service to buy. If you’re looking for good food, you don’t want to head to the place that has one star. And if you’re looking for a place to work out, you don’t want to go to a gym that doesn’t keep their equipment in good condition.


But as important as each and every meal is, and as important as it is to work out, you really don’t want to ignore the reviews when it comes to deciding on who to go to for professional legal advice on lemon vehicles. In fact, you should really take a good look at reviews, because, while the legal process can be made easier by a good California lemon law attorney, it’s still going to take time and you want to make sure you’re working with someone you can trust. Of course, you also want to work with a lemon law lawyer in Los Angeles or San Diego with a history of client-pleasing results.


At the Law Offices of Sotera L. Anderson, we could tell you why you should hire us as your California lemon law attorney, but it makes much more sense to let our clients convince you. Here are some reviews we have received on Google, followed by our responses.




First, let’s see what Dia Meraz has to say:

“If you are looking for a lemon law lawyer, look no further! Sotera is amazing and extremely professional! We cannot recommend her highly enough. She was very informative and patient with all of our questions, and made this unfortunate process easy and stress free. If you feel you are dealing with a lemon, don’t hesitate to call and get her advice!” — Dia Meraz


Thank you for writing in, Dia. You certainly offer some good advice there at the end: a person shouldn’t hesitate to call if they think they might have a lemon. After all, the consultation is free, and the lemon law allows lawyer fees to be added in addition to any other awards that might be realized.


We’re also glad you mentioned how important it was to you that we were so patient with your questions. We completely understand why our clients are so curious about the process, but also know that they want to let the legal experts handle the complexities that come with the California lemon law. The important thing is for a California lemon law attorney to answer a client’s questions without getting too deep into the legalese. Yes, the fact that anyone has to deal with lemon vehicles is unfortunate, but we try to make the entire process as worry-free as possible.


Next we’ll hear from W D.

“I approached Sotera when the dealer/manufacturer were unable to fix a recurring issue on my motorcycle. She took on my case and got my money back with no cost to me. I would definitely recommend her if you have a ‘lemon.’” — W D

You bring up an excellent point that many people don’t know about, W D: the California lemon law is also a motorcycle lemon law. While most people talk about lemon cars, the law also protects motorcycles, SUVs, trucks, and parts of a motorhome. Basically, it’s there to protect the consumer for just about anything they drive on the road. Our lemon laws in California are the most consumer-friendly in the nation, so we’re glad you were able to take advantage of it, W D.


Okay, let’s take a look at one more from Javed.

“Sotera was a delight to work with and fought hard to overcome challenges thrown our way. In the end, we came out on top, thanks to Sotera. Job well done! My wife and I appreciate you dearly!” — Javed Khan


We’re so glad you stopped by Google in order to leave a review for us, Javed. You’re right in that the lemon law will offer challenges, even though it’s meant for consumers. Many people find it too difficult to navigate and simply give up, which is a shame since working with a lemon law lawyer in California is essentially free (to you).


Finally, we’d like to respond to your comment that Ms. Anderson was a “delight” to work with. A consumer looking for help with lemon law should definitely look for a lawyer with whom they get along. While working with a lawyer will make the process infinitely easier, it can still take time since there’s a back and forth between the lawyer and the manufacturer (or any arbitrators). A client and the lawyer will have to be in contact multiple times during the lemon law process, so it’s important to find one who is easy to work with.




With a perfect 5/5 on Google reviews, you can see that clients have a very positive experience working with the Law Offices of Sotera L. Anderson. Ms. Anderson will be working on your case directly, and will fight for your rights under the California lemon law. She has been on both sides of consumer product cases, so she knows what lawyers working for the automotive companies are looking for. Contact our offices today!