Have you recently purchased a car and found that the brakes often stop working, or its engine constantly breaks down or maybe the engine jerks? Have you taken it in several times and the dealer still can’t get the repair right?  If that is the case, then your car may be a lemon.

When your car has defects that the dealer cannot fix after a few tries, you car may meet the criteria to be considered a lemon under California’s lemon law, and that’s the law that protects all your legal rights regarding your vehicle.

So let’s start by first knowing what the Lemon Law for Cars refers to?

What is lemon law for cars?

Lemon law for cars is a law that protects the rights of a consumer in case they purchase a defective one.

When the defect substantially impairs the use, value or safety of your car, lemon law lawyers can help you return or replace your car, free of an attorney’s bill to you.

However, before claiming your rights under lemon law, you have to give the manufacturer a few chances to repair the vehicle under the vehicle’s factory warranty.

In case your car doesn’t get successfully repaired, you can easily hire a lemon law lawyer and have them help you get your car replaced or your money refunded by the manufacturer.

Your lemon law attorney will also help you evaluate all the defects and see if you are eligible to file a case or not.

Tips for hiring the right lemon law attorney:-

So we are here to give you some tips on how to hire the right attorney for your lemon law claim:

  • Do not hire a lawyer who charges you attorney fees

As a person hiring a lemon law lawyer, you must know that according to the lemon law in California, you don’t have to pay your lemon law lawyer’s fees if you prevail. When you claim your lemon law rights and prevail, your manufacturer pays your legal fees. You just provide your lawyer with accurate information and cooperate in the process, and they will work hard to get you what you desire. If an attorney is going to charge you attorney fees, please consider looking for another attorney.

  • Find yourself a law firm that specializes in lemon law

The lemon law is a specialized area of the law.  They do not teach lemon law in law school.  Make sure you hire someone who specializes in the lemon law, otherwise, you are likely to leave money on the table and your case will be handled by someone who does not know the ins and outs of the law, which could damage your case. 

  • Look for a lawyer who you are comfortable with

Lemon law cases are cases where you are bound to share some personal and financial details with your lawyer. So if you are not comfortable with them, it may cause problems later. 

Hence, look for lemon law lawyers who you find trustworthy and easy to talk to. When it comes to legal matters, you can depend on a lawyer who has excellent communication skills and is tough to intimidate. 

So when you are researching various lawyers, examine their confidence and communication style. This way, you will know whether you are comfortable with them or not.

Thus, hire a well-qualified lawyer for yourself to work hard to win your case without any hassles.

  • Choose an experienced attorney

Experience is everything in matters of the law. As an amateur, understanding and handling all the aspects of a lemon law case may get difficult for a lawyer not well versed in the lemon law. 

So hire an experienced lawyer who will easily understand your case and give you accurate legal advice. They will represent you every step of the way, handle all your paperwork, and see that everything goes smoothly and with precision. 

It might even behoove you to hire a lemon law attorney that used to represent the manufacturers since they will know both sides of the case and how the manufacturer’s think and what is important to the manufacturers.  

Therefore, do in-depth research, connect with three to four lemon law lawyers and then choose the best one. This way, your chances of winning the case will increase.

  • Always review client testimonials

If you choose an experienced lemon law attorney, you will find a list of people who the respective lawyers would’ve helped win their case. So make sure to read client testimonials of all the lawyers you talk to and see if they live up to their name.

An experienced lawyer may mean a person who just handled various lemon law cases rather than a person who won them too. 

So look into their winning records and after giving each one a serious thought, hire the right one.

  • Communicate all your expectations

While talking to a lemon law lawyer, make sure that along with understanding your case, they know your expectations too. It is recommended that you tell them what you want out of the case and let them advise you in return.

Only your lemon law lawyer will be able to tell you which option will be the best— getting a refund of the car or a replacement for it.

Therefore, transparency is critical. Be honest about your situation, and you will get the best solution to your problem from them.