Let’s say you have a luxury car, one that everyone knows is top-quality and constantly gets the highest marks in Consumer Reports. For the sake of this argument, let’s say that you bought a Lexus. In fact, you specifically purchased a new car from that particular manufacturer because you hate dealing with car problems and Lexus cars are constantly ranked among the best for fewest repairs and highest customer satisfaction. You did your research for “Lexus lemon law” and the only thing that showed up were a few cases of “man bites dog,” it made the news because it was an anomaly. Buying a Lexus means you’ll certainly never need a California lemon law attorney, right?
Unfortunately, even good car companies can make lemons. While there aren’t many Google searches for “Honda lemon law” or “Toyota lemon law,” the occasional lemon slips through even the best factory. Here are a few reasons why you should contact a California lemon law lawyer even if you find out that your car model and year isn’t a known lemon.


While some parts of vehicles are put together by robots, there’s still a great many parts of the manufacturing process that comes down to human hands. And as you may know, humans can make mistakes.
In general, cars become lemons because of a design flaw or due to a batch of bad parts. But the third primary reason for lemon cars is human or machine error at the plant. A car that might normally be perfectly fine can become a lemon due to it being assembled on a “Friday afternoon” or “Monday morning.” These are vehicles that factory workers might be rushing to finish up on a Friday or begrudgingly working on on a Monday morning.
If the problems your vehicle has make it dangerous, or if the manufacturer can’t fix an issue after 3-4 attempts, you might have a lemon on your hands. It doesn’t matter if every other copy of the car out there is perfect; your is not and you should contact a California lemon law lawyer.


Sometimes a particular model of vehicle falls from grace. It might have a nearly flawless record for a decade or more, so when you type in the make and model you might not find much at all. But if the 2020 model comes out and the manufacturer changed something that causes the need for constant repair, you might be the first to encounter such a lemon. No, you might not be the first person in the entire country, but you could be in the first group of buyers who need to contact a California lemon law attorney.


Specific parts of a vehicle might stick around for years, while others may be replaced multiple times during a model year. Reliable parts might be kept from one model year to the next, while some parts are rolled out with a new car even though they know they’ll be replacing it with something better before long. In other words, some parts in the 2018 Jeep Cherokee you bought in March might not be the same parts as are in the 2018 Jeep Cherokee your neighbor bought in August, even if they have the same trim.
Why do parts change? Sometimes it’s to save weight, which improves fuel efficiency. Other times it’s because the manufacturer knew that something better could be designed if they only had more time, but time crunches made them put in a lesser part. It could be because te manufacturer noticed the old parts weren’t working properly. Maybe the manufacturer found a way to make the part cheaper. Sometimes making the part cheaper also means that it’s not as high quality as the previous part, and that can lead to problems during the middle of a car’s run. If all of the research you did on a car said it was completely reliable, you still might end up with a lemon if a particular part changed.


There’s no doubt that most of our customers are coming to us for the same vehicles again and again: Chevy Cruzes, Jeep Cherokees and Wranglers, Ford Escapes, Dodge Challengers, and other lemons. But even the best brands can produce lemons, and even the best model can have a lemon sneak through.
If you’re having repeat problems with your vehicle, you should call a California lemon law attorney as soon as possible. It’s a free consultation, so get in touch with the Law Offices of Sotera L. Anderson today.